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A friendly sporting club in the Perth Hills

Kalamunda Pistol Club has been operating continuously since 1970

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Who We Are

The Kalamunda Pistol Club, incorporated in March 1970, is an affiliate of the West Australian Pistol Association (WAPA) and Pistol Australia (PA).

Club ranges are located on Lawnbrook Road, Walliston. Shoots are held on a regular schedule with Sunday at 9am being the most popular time. Air Pistol matches take place on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.00pm.  Start times are 15 minutes prior to listed start times.  If visiting the club, please use the contact form at the bottom of  the web page to notify us you're planning on coming.

Whilst the Club strictly adheres to WAPA Safety Rules, matches are shot in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The Club owns a small number of pistols for use by prospective and new members. Use of Club Pistols should be booked in advance by contacting one of the Club's Approved Persons.


Interested in the sport of pistol shooting?  Read on.

Prospective members are welcome to come along at any time to see a match shot and meet some members. After the match, you may, under the supervision of an experienced pistol shooter, try your hand with an introductory safety shoot. You are entitled to three such safety shoots free of charge, which must be taken over three weekends, before you decide whether you wish to become a member.

If you decide to join, a membership application form, proposed and seconded by financial club members, together with nomination fee ($200.00) should be handed to the Secretary (or posted to PO Box 6926 Kalamunda 6076) for consideration at the next Committee Meeting. Committee meetings are held on the first Monday of each month except on public holidays, in which case the meeting is held on the following Monday.

You will be invited to the meeting when your membership application is considered.  This will give both you and the Committee the opportunity to meet each other.

New members must provide the Secretary with a photocopy of a current firearms licence if hand guns are already held.  If you're a new shooter, a current National Police Certificate must be provided. 

If accepted, you become a probationary member for a period of three months.

All fees should be paid within 21 days of acceptance.


New members welcome!

Come for a one on one shoot with one of our experienced trainers to try out this safe, engaging and social sport.

Our members are aged from juniors through to mature ladies and gentlemen.

Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

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